A new vision for security

The product is so unique and forward-thinking - one would swear it is something out of the movie studios.

Michael J. Mackesy

Engineering Manager/Sr. Security Practice Manager, NEC

Liquid360 helps secure your site, inside and out, in a way never before possible


Bring command and control to first responders in the field for improved collaboration

take command

Take your command room mobile; see your entire site from one tablet and from everywhere


Integrate all cameras, radars, fences, jammers & more


Liquid360 operates 'under the hood' of your site's existing IT security

The Liquid360 Difference


Traditional Command & Control

See the Difference

Liquid360 Traditional C&C
Knowledge of Facility Not needed Must know thoroughly
Training Very focused, accelerated qualification Extensive training is required to gain knowledge of the building and site needed to accurately interpret the screen matrix each time there is an alert
Ease of Use Similar to a smart phone High learning curve
  • Natural vision of the entire site
  • Includes spatial context
  • See through walls and around corners
  • flat, 2D, disconnected
Location From anywhere, including the field In the control room
Alerts Easy and fast assessment Assessment through integration of several displays - can lead to alert fatigue
Control of PTZ Tap the screen for selection of best camera with an unobstructed view Dependent on operator selection and control
Situational Awareness Complete SA, can be easily relayed to the field Limited, partial at best, stuck within the command room
Integration Possible to integrate all sensors Each type of sensor is monitored individually
collaboration with field personnel Shared View Akward mediation of SA through verbal directions over the radio