Your Entire Site in One Glance

Installation Projects

Solve attention bottlenecks for your operator

The problem

You are a conscientous professional. You know how to secure a facility and you are up to date on technology. You work hard to evaluate your client’s facility and recommend the appropriate installation. Oftentimes the client ends up cutting cameras as a way to reduce the budget. On your plan you can see clearly the holes, gaps and blind spots that the revisions will cause. But once the system is up and running, they are invisible. On the wall of screens the client can imagine that they have the full view of their facility. Until the moment in real time when the action happens in an area that is not covered.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 gives you and your client a real life view of the site. Blind spots and gaps are immediately revealed. You can properly consult the client on the limitations of the system and together, with your professional assessment, the client can be aware of coverage gaps and therefore decide what is acceptable or not. But now, the client really understands the decision they made, what they are really getting because they have the full view of the site, inside and out, in 3D – an augmented reality – and they can make an informed decision and fully appreciate your expertise.