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Tech Campuses

Your open and welcoming atmosphere is an important aspect of your culture. Keep it safe.

The problem

Your company’s culture is an expression of it’s values, mission and vision. This is a critical component of the energy you foster in your workplace. Airport style security or undercover armed guards are less than optimal options for your workplace. Yet, shooting events on California tech campuses create a dilemna for companies like yours. Technology is always moving forward, developing better ways of doing things. You invested in technology for your security system, how can you improve on what you’ve already built?

How Liquid can help

Like you, Liquid360 is looking forward and developing the solutions to allow you to focus on your core business. With Liquid360 you capitalize on the investment you’ve already made in equipment and personnel and add the tool that uses everything you already have and takes it to the next level. You preserve the culture and atmosphere you value so highly and help to protect your team and visitors. Everyone will be more at ease and creativity can be focussed on growing your technology.