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Offer customer service at the highest level by accessing information never before available.

The problem

Hotels, Casinos and Cruise Ships are all competing for customers, across categories, locations and in their local markets. You seek to make your guest’s experience memorable in the best way. Guest safety and security are at the top on your priority list since a bad experience can go viral in the worst way and the average lawsuit for a security failure is almost a million dollars.. Additionally finding enough staff is a huge challenge. So when you can’t be everywhere, at least you can see everywhere with Liquid360.

How Liquid can help

You don’t want your customers to even think about security – but you absolutely want them to feel secure and at ease. Liquid360 enables you to grant sight to your staff beyond their field of view. You might grant the Front Desk Manager access to that area, plus the full lobby and perhaps even the entry of the hotel. VIPs might be greeted more quickly and seeing large groups arriving grants a few more minutes to deploy staff and defuse the bottleneck. \With Liquid360, you can zoom in on one floor, one area, one corridor or a single video feed to quickly assess the situation or incident and strategically respond. Liquid360 also shortens the time to qualify new security personnel, lowering your cost of hiring in a meaningful way. This might mean that you need fewer field guards and/or fewer staff in the control room.