Your Entire Site in One Glance


Improving safety while welcoming your customers.

The problem

Financial institutions are complex facilities that make tempting targets for criminals. Robbing banks is an obvious risk, but the theft of information is potentially even worse for your institution. You are beholden to strict regulations and requirements for how you run your faciliity. At the same time, preserving the open and welcoming atmosphere of your site is an essential aspect of doing business. As leaders, you must safeguard your employees and visitors as well as your information and assets.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 is relevant for both levels of banking and financial institutions: branches and offices. Your system can be configured so that the Director of Corporate Security can access every site in your group from his or her tablet to support and oversee local branches. Oversight isn’t intrusive, instead it allows you to see where there is room for improvement and to respond to local input in a meaningful way. This offers a path for improving security and compliance by getting the full picture and powering up the investment you’ve already made in security infrastructure and deploying your security personnel efficiently.