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In business time is money, in security time is life.

Former Marine, SWAT, Homicide Detective, Sheriff’s Anti-smuggling Unit


The Liquid 360 team brings together leaders in security, technology and business innovation. Together, we create a new view for security making your site more secure and ready for any situation.

Eran Jedwab

Founder, CTO

Eran is a Technion alumni (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc.), IDF & Ministry of Defense consultant, creator of the security system for the largest maximum security terrorist prison in Israel and for supervising the real-time protection and life saving systems of 25 of the most vulnerable towns in the country. Eran observed the active shooter incidents in the US and dedicated himself to creating a proactive solution. 

Alisa Givertz

Founder, CEO

Alisa is a Materials Engineer and a serial entrepreneur, creating solutions in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and valuing a multi-billion dollar acquisition. Alisa dedicated herself to disrupting and improving the security and public safety after a terrifying incident with her daughter exposed its flaws. She worked in 21 different countries and was a diplomatic representative of Switzerland in the US. Alisa continues as an armed volunteer for the Israeli police.


Kobi Mor

Security Management Executive

Kobi Mor is an experienced security management executive with a combination of strategic, business-oriented approach and hand-on program leadership. He brings extensive security experience both in the public sector and in the business environment – in a multicultural setting. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of security programs – ranging from facility security, protection of people, logistic chain and product security, as well as brand protection, information security & counter-espionage, travel & aviation security, event security, pre-employment screening and more. His first career was with the Israeli ISA, where he served for 22 years as a practitioner, leaderand regulator. This was followed by 15 years as VP Global Corporate security for a multinational with presence in more than 60 countries, over 300 facilities and a headcount of up to 60,000 employees.

Dori Gurwitz

Managing Director at PwC

Dori Gurwitz is a Managing Director at PwC’s Workforce of the Future, leading the commercialization of PWC’s Digital Workforce Transformation technologies. With roots in Silicon Alley and Silicone Wadi, Dori comes from a deep technology disruption background, driving change via core technologies in Telcos and Mobile operators, Media & Entertainment, Government, Banking, Auto and Sports. Prior to PwC, Dori led New Business at Lisnr, a core technology company for data delivery over sound, selected by CNBC as a Disruptor 50 with the likes of Uber and Space-X. Before that, he served as VP of Business Development and Sales at NewRow, an innovative developer of collaborative conferencing technologies that was acquired by Kaltura. Dori is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business and is ranked in the top 5% of the global workforce for innovation and leadership