Your Entire Site in One Glance


The problem

Government offices and courthouses present as known places for attacks and violent protests. Despite the rigorous security of military bases, in the moment of an emergency these bases also don’t have access to their security video streams. Diplomatic missions already have high level physical security but they remain vulnerable both outside and to infiltration.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 dramatically increases the security of your site while maintaining its openness. You have a one glance view of your entire facility and the ability to immediately assess bottlenecks or people in places they shouldn’t be. The US government through FEMA understands the importance of updating technology in order to secure your site and they have a program to subsidize, or in some cases, pay for improvements in their entirety. The grant is for up to $100,000. A site in Baltimore was a recipient of such a grant. You can read more about it here

The former executive director of this site talks about his experience with the system here