Your Entire Site in One Glance


Welcome your students with confidence and openness.

The problem

When parents send their children off to school we want to feel sure that they will return to us safe and sound. Yet, we can’t ignore the mass shootings that have tragically become a staple accross America’s schools. The need for safety influences a parent’s choice for their child’s education. K-12 and higher education institutions must contend with this risk while maintaining a welcoming and open atmosphere where feeling secure should be taken for granted.

How Liquid can help

Whether your campus is a small private school or a large university, Liquid360 enables you to virtually harden the site while maintaining the feeling of openness. Liquid360 allows real time access so local guards or SRO’s can be present amongst the students while maintaining a watchful eye and virtual patrol. Liquid360 expands the ‘view’ of your security personnel and allows them to engage as issues come to light. On large urban campuses with ‘SOS’ stations, the action often moves out of view of the alarm initiation site. Liquid360 allows your responders to fully understand the evolving situation even on the move.