Your Entire Site in One Glance

Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

Improve your compliance and provide next level security for your personnel & infrastructure.

The problem

Utility providers, water purification, and some chemical plants are considered critical infrastructure. Gaps in security or safety can result in downtime, which in the best case scenario could impact local residents. However, downtime has the potential to seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy, and even national or global security. Thus, it is crucial that they be protected against a wide spectrum of potential threats like sabotage or terror attacks. Special measures have been imposed on these plants to increase their safety since 2001. While these facilities have heavily invested in physical security systems and sensors, there is still no picture that pulls it all together in one glance. And response depends on seeing and understanding everything clearly.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 allows you to create a much more dynamic environment. With Liquid360 you see your facility in its totality. Not just from the control room but also from the director’s office, the entry gate, anywhere you like. Now you have the full picture in a comprehensive way, in one glance. Now, you have the ability to refer alerts to your team and the desireable option of providing tablets to your field team so they can understand the incident on approach. Liquid360’s ability to integrate virtually any sensor means that your facility can have a one glance solution for active fences, jammers, drones, PTZ cameras and more. Alerts can be understood in their full context and evaluated immediately, closing the gaps and strengthening response.