Your Entire Site in One Glance

Fortune 500’s, Law Firms and Urban Tech Campuses

Overcome the challenges of your busy, urban setting to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

The problem

If your space is part of a larger facility, your security may be in someone else’s hands. Lobbies and parking garages are potential entry points for intruders. You have likely invested in your security and may even have sophisticated security enhancement software or shooting detection systems to keep your people and assets safe. Still, these steps cannot provide real time awareness of events. This vulnerability means that response to an alert or event may be delayed or insufficient to prevent harm.

How Liquid can help

While threats or incidents warrant an increased awareness and heightened security, the answer isn’t hardening your site and changing the culture you’ve worked so hard to foster. Liquid360 integrates all types of sensors to pull together a view of your facility in a clear and natural picture. Our system allows you to capitalize on the investment you’ve already made in equipment and personnel and bring it to the next level. Add the tool that uses everything you already have to preserve the culture and atmosphere that are part of your company and help to protect your team and visitors.