Your Entire Site in One Glance


Will we have to buy new cameras or equipment?
No new cameras are needed. An inexpensive, off the shelf tablet is needed to run the secure program remotely by as many people as needed.
How long does it take to set up?
About two weeks per location.
What will we have to provide to use the system?
We’d need the following information:
  • The location’s GPS coordinates.
  • Floor plans or schematics of the site’s structures.
  • The locations of the fixed cameras within these floor plans.
  • RTSP addresses of the cameras’ video feeds.
  • Does your system support radar?
    Is it patented?
    Yes. US20160232777A1 Integrative Security System and Method.
    Can police and fire use the system?
    Yes! The system is designed so that anyone using it will completely understand the situation in minutes and be able to take decisive action. Your site will determine how you want to share Liquid360 with first responders. 
    Does the system have a server?
    Large systems or systems that include PTZ motorized cameras and other types of sensors will need a server. The server can be onsite or in the cloud in accordance with your policies.
    Is the system difficult to use?
    It’s completely intuitive and easy to use. Even managers can now do virtual patrols.
    For which kind of properties is this system appropriate?
    Any site that uses 10 or more video cameras.
    Is it possible to have more than one tablet?
    With the proper data network - The system can be configured to support as many tablets as you would like.
    Is the system secure? Won't it create vulnerabilities for our system?
    Liquid360 works “under the hood” within your data network so it’s protected by your IT security. Liquid360 is fully customizable to your site and system. As the customer you dictate the IT requirements. 
    How is privacy assured when there are places not desired for surveillance?
    You specify which cameras are integrated into Liquid360. In the future, we will provide the option to mask identities in specific rooms & unmask in the moment of an emergency. 
    How does the system reduce turnover?
    The system is so much more realistic, more portable and more effective than a regular control room that it makes surveillance more engaging. It makes it much easier to allow existing personnel to do surveillance while deployed in the field or even remotely outside of the site
    How can our guards use this system?
    Your guards can use this system as a force multiplier - it turns guards into super guards, being able to monitor the entire site from wherever they are, even off the site. It also allows for control room or operator awareness of an active situation as they can see exactly what the emergency responder is seeing. This saves an enormous amount of communication time between the office and the responder.
    Is Liquid360 CJIS compliant?
    Liquid360 is customized to your IT security policies. As the customer, you dictate how Liquid360 connects with your cameras, other sensors and terminals: tablets or workstations. You as the customer have complete control of how Liquid360 is integrated in your existing system and in accordance with your internal policies, including CJIS.