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Commercial Properties

Protect your investment and see your property from anywhere.

The problem

While your tenants and occupants may have their own systems, as the owner of your property you have a significant investment to protect. Your buildings and structures already have security systems in place – whether monitored locally or remotely. These systems represent the steps you’ve taken to protect your assets and ensure that your tenants are safe. Still, the potential real and reputational liabilities that come from even one event could have profound effects.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 modernizes your existing system making it much more relevant, and provides you with flexibility for security staffing at a low cost. Liquid360 allows for the integration of all types of senors and allows you to see your facility fully so that you can understand what is happening and where. Now, you have the information you need to deploy your security resources effectively throughtout the day. You can see your properties from anywhere – across the city or across the world. Liquid360 goes beyond filling the gaps in your security, it allows you to manage your site more efficiently.