Your Entire Site in One Glance

Monitoring Centers

Solve attention bottlenecks for your operator

The problem

Your mission is to surveille your clients’ sites. You have worked hard to develop the personnel and systems to provide responsiveness and reliability for your clients. Still your operators are limited in the attention they can give to each site. They must respond to alerts with minimal familiarity of the facility and dispatch is straightforward without detailed directions. This is the standard in monitoring and you are working hard to be the best, to offer your clients more than your competitors in a competitive market.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 affords you a view for your operators to understand what they are looking at in one glance! They have the ability to see the facility they are surveilling inside and out and supervise field operations while staying vigilant for other sites. Now they have spatial context for what’s happening where, and the direction of events so that when they dispatch a response team, be they patrolling guards or first responders, they can provide important details for more effective response.