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Defense Roadmap

Innovative tools for resilient information gathering, real-time collaboration and agile operations.

The problem

The rapid pace of technology development accompanied in many cases by its broad commercialization has resulted in hostile forces gaining ever increasing capabilities. The battlespace has shifted from fixed hierarchical structures to joint, real-time data-driven decision making among geographically dispersed individuals and teams. Cooperating and collaborating across teams currently presents numerous challenges including disorientation, differing perspectives and miscommunications. All of these contribute to less coherent operations resulting in loss of tactical advantage. Adding to these challenges, operations may be required across diverse environments including buildings, cities and critical infrastructure about which very little is known.


Liquid360 is a software solution for collaboration and shared situational awareness. Whatever the location, no matter the conditions, Liquid360 puts everyone on the same page – offering geographically dispersed teams robust real time interpersonal communication through a shared view of the situation. Teams that have never worked together will quickly gain the trust and confidence required to rapidly make and execute effective tactical plans. Additionally, the shared perspective provides the ability to continuously adapt to new landscapes and changing events – giving the warfighter the means to actually predict the direction events are headed like never before. With the ability to integrate a large and diverse array of sensors including cameras, radars, drones, jammers and more, Liquid360 offers an ever-evolving ecosystem that can be counted on to provide enhanced situational awareness, real-time collaborative decision making, and force multiplying lethality.

Heads Up Display

Harnessing the power of Liquid360’s patented and proprietary software, future integration with heads up displays will allow teams to more fully focus on their mission with hands free operation – all while keeping ‘eyes on target’. This increases the warfighter’s tactical advantage – even in the most challenging of circumstances. Using existing intel feeds or those newly acquired with Liquid360’s Real-time Mapping Response Kit (see below), team members will have an enhanced view of their changing environment. The freedom to see beyond the immediate scope of their vision without interference or distraction, will allow team members to tactically execute with agility, confidence and decisiveness for optimal mission outcomes.

Real-time Mapping Response Kit

Liquid360’s Real-time Mapping Response Kit allows the acquisition and sharing of ‘intel-on-the-go’, gradually painting an emerging picture of little-known environments to support follow-on operations. By rapidly deploying various sensor technologies at key physical locations during infiltration, Liquid360’s response kit will provide teams with full geo-referenced images of newly added areas covering and securing their exfiltration routes – keeping eyes on their ‘six’.

Power Multiplier for Massive Mobile Processing

Liquid360’s proprietary technology integrates large amounts of sensor inputs and video feeds without significantly taxing CPU and GPU resources and battery life unlike existing mobile systems that require extensive resource use adding to device size and weight. Liquid360’s revolutionary approach optimizing resource utilization, allows for unlimited sensor processing, including inputs from cameras, drones, jammers, radars and more. Today’s battlespace may involve operations within civilian environments. Such environments offer the potential to exploit a massive number of the target’s devices. Liquid360 will be able to grant situational awareness in crowded and dynamic urban environments.

Tactical Direction of Field Forces

Directing forces in the field presents significant challenges and is fraught with significant risk. Liquid360’s software will analyze the acquired model of the arena to enable the direction of field forces through covert paths that will maximize operational effectiveness. Through the resulting analysis, including the locations of both enemy and friendly forces, the software will prompt the most effective tactical paths.