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Improve your ability to serve and protect your citizens.

The problem

Your city or town has probably invested in hundreds or thousands of cameras, streaming round the clock. You have invested in a central security control facility and are keeping an eye out for unusual activity, theft, damage and loitering. You have a call center and perhaps even a mobile app for residents to report concerns or ask for help and you handle these effiiciently. Still, you have no way to pull together the big picture so even though your cameras are monitored, it’s likely that most are collecting evidence in case it’s needed after the fact.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 can be integrated into city and first responder systems. A comprehensive and natural view of your city, both in your control center and on the go, means understanding the situation much more quickly. Details of an event can be shared visually with teams on the ground. This allows police and other officials to fully evaluate events while on approach and to monitor activities at public areas, ensuring safety and preserving order. For police and other officials, this advanced siituational awareness reduces risks when arriving to respond to an event. Liquid360 also allows you much more flexibly with your staff, since learning to use the software is similar to their phone. Further, Liquid360 can help you understand where more information would be helpful for the future.