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Guard Services

Turn your Guard into a Super Guard

The problem

You select the best guards for the jobs to secure your clients’ sites – day and night. You are there every day safeguarding the environment, both property and people, so operations run smoothly and the client can focus on their business. Your part in your customer’s success is vital. And yet the realities of personnel challenges mean that the guard isn’t always familiar with the site and often the guard must remain in front of the command & control screens without the opportunity to patrol. Other times, your guards are patrolling the exterior at night, sometimes only at night, and don’t have the chance to explore the site’s interior in detail.

How Liquid can help

Liquid360 makes each of your guards a super guard. You can offer an entirely different level of service since your guards can familiarize themselves with any facility quickly. Your superguards are oriented and they can use the power of Liquid360 to patrol and make their presence felt like never before from wherever they may be. Your clients will experience and interact with your guards who will become integral to the site. You will have much more flexibility for staffing with the confidence that your guards will understand the facility in which they work and have superhero hero vision if they ever need to call for reinforcements. Don’t compete. Lead the market.