Your Entire Site in One Glance


The problem

Entertainment venues including theatre, outdoor festival-type gatherings and nightclubs have all been targets for shooters. This vulnerability is a worst case scenario that in some cases have dragged on for as long as three hours as rescuers try to piece together a picture from floor plans and eye witness accounts. Complexities that your facilities present, be they the low light of nightclubs or the dynamic environment of an amusement park, means that you have challenges observing and responding to events as they happen. No matter how advanced your security, you can’t be everywhere at once and not having the full picture or the ability to communicat the complete picture to field teams can create a challenge.

How Liquid can help

You want your customers to feel secure and at ease, and you want to provide that security as smoothly as possible. Liquid360 provides a complete overview of an entire site, indoors and out, granting a visual of the entire facility in a single, portable screen. With Liquid360, you can zoom in on one floor, one area, one corridor or a single video feed to quickly assess the situation or incident and strategically respond. Liquid360 eliminates the need to choose between patrolling or manning a control room, and allows for multiple users to access the facility at one time. Further, with the ability to integrate diverse sensors and cameras, including drones, Liquid360 is particularly suited to open spaces and flexibility of configuration that such locations might employ.