Gaps, Holes and Blind Spots in Physical Security

circle of awareness, overlapping with circle of unknown unknowns, intersection of known unknowns

If you can’t see it, is it really there? We should never have to ask that question when it comes to physical security. What we can’t see has the potential to pose the most serious threat of all when it comes to securing a facility and keeping people safe. This important fact should be front […]

Security Budgets

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Security budgets are changing dramatically. Security magazine’s recent surveys revealed that security spending will double or even triple in 2022 as compared to 2021. Sure, a lot of this relates to the corona pandemic and remote working but that is only part of the story. The annual report also indicated that 43% of companies will […]

‘Good Enough’ Security

Like ‘Good Enough’ Parenting Is ‘good enough’ security a viable option? Much has been written about  ‘good enough’  parenting, the idea that it’s not possible to be perfect but we can be good enough and provide a stable, secure and loving home. This in turn allows our children to flourish and grow and become useful […]

Campus Security – Challenges & More

University campus

All universities and colleges have security on their campuses. There are over half a million violent incidents on American campuses every year. I was completely shocked to read this statistic. This is a shocking and also disturbing statistic. That’s about 1400 incidents per day. I have 4 children and two of them have gone to […]

Situational Awareness: Getting the Big Picture

Cartoon drawing of road and hazards illustrating 'get the big picture'

Learning to Drive When I was learning to drive, I enrolled in a defensive driving course. This was a requirement of my parents if I wanted to drive their cars. There was a central theme to the course: the  instructor spoke repeatedly about “getting the big picture”. He  explained to us how we couldn’t just […]

The Struggle to Leverage Security Data

70 percent of security leaders said they can't leverage security data70% said they have problems with data, ranging from too much, too little, or a lack of understanding how to use it.

Situational Awareness is the goal for security and Smart Cities. How we get Situational Awareness is less obvious, but it is achievable. Security Magazine published an article recently “Enterprises says physical security made more important since COVID-19”, part of the 2021 Smart Security Trends Report from Brivo. The article was about the trend for increased […]

Part 5: Deep Dive into the Science of Physical Security

What doesn’t work in safety and physical security? I really struggled to understand why physical security didn’t look like it does in the movies. Why wasn’t the security operator at the Westin able to help me? Why weren’t the 4 teams at the Washington Navy Yard unable to access the video they needed to intercept […]

Part 4 Where’s the Gap? (in Physical Security)

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What We Have Versus What We Need. I still didn’t know that my experience at the Westin Hotel in New York City was ‘usual’. (Part 3 of 5) It was the active shooter incident at the Washington Navy Yard that revealed the problem. In physical security terms, this military base is a hard target: difficult […]